Memorable or Forgettable: Which will you be?

//Memorable or Forgettable: Which will you be?

Memorable or Forgettable: Which will you be?

What We Forget: Personal names, business names, job titles, job success starts here road signdescriptions

What We Remember: Pain! Vivid images of pain! Feelings of discomfort!

So if you want your self-introduction to be memorable to get a qualified lead, you need to show people in 60 seconds or less what sort of pain your typical clients experience and how your business offerings ease that pain.

Give people names, titles, markets and job descriptions and they’ll forget you. But paint a picture of how you alleviate your clients discomfort and they’ll remember you!

About the Author:

Ellen Dunnigan founded Accent On Business in 2001 specializing in public speaking, communication skills, and executive presence for leaders in business. She has 25 years of experience with professional and nonprofessional speakers in healthcare, media, politics, engineering, sports, and other industries. Ellen’s coaching in speaking skills gives established and emerging leaders greater confidence and credibility. Her leadership programs in accountability, alignment, difficult conversations, and organizational communication have helped leaders expand their influence. Ellen is known for her practical “how to” style.
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