Say It Like You Mean It – And Be Remembered!

//Say It Like You Mean It – And Be Remembered!

Say It Like You Mean It – And Be Remembered!

How is your 60 second introduction?  Are you using words and phrases that will connect you with the people you are meeting with everyday?

For example if you are an IT professional, what are you saying that will help the people you are networking with and meeting with understand exactly who you are and what you do?

Does your introduction sound like this?
“Hello, my name is David, and I work for XYZ IT Solutions, and I am a developer.”

That introduction is not very memorable, is it?  Why don’t you try something like this:
“Hello my name is David, and I take the headache out of managing companies websites, so they can focus what they do best!”

Or what if you are a financial planner?  What is it that you say that will help the people you are meeting understand your business?   How about:
“Hello, I am work with HG Investments, and bring peace of mind to families and individuals who are scared to death about what the future might hold for them.”

When you use phrases like, “take the headache out”, “peace of mind” and “scared to death” you can really evoke emotion by using inflection, intonation,  and how you use body language.  The people you are talking with will grab a hold of those words and relate to what you are saying.

Are you communicating your message in a way that will elicit the emotion and influence the decisions of those around you?

About the Author:

Ellen Dunnigan founded Accent On Business in 2001 specializing in public speaking, communication skills, and executive presence for leaders in business. She has 25 years of experience with professional and nonprofessional speakers in healthcare, media, politics, engineering, sports, and other industries. Ellen’s coaching in speaking skills gives established and emerging leaders greater confidence and credibility. Her leadership programs in accountability, alignment, difficult conversations, and organizational communication have helped leaders expand their influence. Ellen is known for her practical “how to” style.
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